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AGR Meal Systems

Adonis guys are busy, we get that. That's why we've designed these 9 incredible meal plans: to save you time and help you hit your macros so you can drop fat fast.

Who's got time for meticulous meal planning every single day?

Nutrition is a critical part of building the balanced muscle and impressive taper of the Adonis Golden Ratio look. Get it right each time by following our meal plans, specifically designed by the Adonis team to cater for every Adonis body type.

We've taken away the guesswork, number crunching and recipe planning. All you need to do is find out which of our meal plans is best for you, and stick to it. The results will come.

Use our Virtual Nutritionist to discover your calories, macros, fat loss and maintenance numbers. Then download one of our 9 meal plans for immediate access to day-by-day recipes with exact macro and calorie breakdowns. That's 12 weeks of different breakfasts, main meals and snacks with clear calorie, carb, protein and fat information for each meal and each day.

You're going to love these recipes. They're fast and easy to make but incredibly delicious. There's no need to eat boring fat loss food or carry cold boiled chicken around in a plastic tub. That's just not the Adonis way!

Download your meal plan now to see what we mean. We're talking steak, stroganoff and barbecue recipes. This is guy food, the Adonis way!