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Lifestyle is our most successful muscle building, fat loss system for guys who want to achieve that sculpted taper and strong lean Adonis look. It's not one but three sets of three incredible resources, designed by our expert team led by John Barban. You're about to download an incredible amount of information with step-by-step training, the lowdown on supplements, and absolutely crucial nutritional knowledge.

Get anabolic with your perfect Lifestyle System:

  • Exclusive software to identify which program will get you to your goal
  • Immediate access to your choice of our 3 systems (muscle build, fat loss, or fat loss with muscle gain)
  • Each system consists of a training program, a supplementation guide and a nutrition blueprint
  • Everything is available as a PDF download ideal for mobile devices, tablets or for printing out
  • They're yours forever: am exclusive resource to refer to over and over again to reach then keep your Adonis Lifestyle body
What are you waiting for? Click now to get your training, nutrition and supplement blueprints.

Each 12-week training program is broken down in to day-by-day layout with the exact workout, exercises, sets and rep ranges you'll need. Nothing is left to chance and there's no guesswork.

The supplementation guide talks you through the exact sports supplement stack which will skyrocket the success of your muscle gain, fat loss or lean maintenance goals. We reveal the exact science behind how supplements interact with our tissue, hormones and cellular pathways.

Your nutrition download gives you the information and guidance you need to eat right for fat loss and muscle gain. We'll explain why hard gainers need to eat differently to mesomorphs, how you should approach carbs and fats and how to construct a way of eating which will get you to your goals.

So go ahead, find out which of the three plans is right for you, then download it so you can get going right away.

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