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Welcome to the Adonis Index Specializations series. As you can see, we've designed a set of bolt-on workout systems for guys who want to work one (or more) parts of their body even harder to add size, thickness or shape.

Specializations are the most detailed, focused workouts we offer. They're designed specifically to help you dial in your Adonis Lifestyle proportions.

I'm John Barban and, together with key members of our Adonis team, I designed each of these workouts using exercises, techniques and protocols I know will bring fast and lasting results.

It's about muscular hypertrophy, proportions, density and balance.

Choose Specializations if the challenge you're facing is one or more specific body parts.

We asked around (and kept our ears open) to find out which body parts guys struggle with. It was pretty amazing, actually, the same problems kept coming up time and time again. Regardless of weight, lean mass or age. Most guys, it turns out, have a problem with one or more of these seven body parts:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Back
  3. Chest
  4. Arms
  5. Abs
  6. Legs
  7. Calves

Recognize yourself in that list?

Once we identified these seven body parts, I we decided to put our minds together and design our best-ever workout program for each of them.

…And I have to say that I’m really proud of the workouts we’ve created for those lagging body parts.

You should View Specializations as small programs which could be used any time by intermediate lifters, cover models, physique athletes, or people getting ready for photoshoots or contests.

Or guys like you who have worked hard and consistently for months and made massive improvements, but still feel there's something lacking.

Just pick one and add it on top of your regular Adonis Lifestyle routine and you will boost the muscle growth in these areas. FYI if you have more lagging areas, then just start with one and progress to the other(s), no one said you can only follow one of them. :)

Look, no guy wants to feel small, or weak.

The good news is there is no longer any need to put up with that! I don't care if you've been told small calves run in the family, or a narrow back is in your genes.

Excuse me but I call BS!

I know there's plenty you can do to side-step your genetics and be more balanced and proportionate than they say.

Go ahead and download the Specializations program which targets your small, weak or lagging body parts. Each Specialization is four weeks long and is designed as an add-on workout, to be done alongside your regular Adonis program. Because Specializations were designed by me, you can be confident they'll slot in perfectly to any of the existing Adonis workout systems. It's all designed to work together to bring the exact results you crave.

And you know what, before you dive in and pick the one you will add to your routine, let’s take a closer look at each of these add-on booster workouts to see exactly why they work so well…

  1. Arms Assault tackles both the biceps and triceps to build fullness in the muscle bellies and give you a great peak
  2. Back Specialization works on width, depth and fullness of all those intricate and complex back muscles to give a complete Adonis look
  3. Calf Specialization will show you that you can grow a good set of calves, no matter what their natural size and shape is
  4. Chest Specialization works across the chest using a range of training protocols to carve out detail and add impressive fullness.
  5. Legs Specialization will give you a set of wheels which shows how hard you train. Quads, hamstrings and glutes get targeted here.
  6. Abs Specialization will flatten your abs and give impressive detail to the entire torso including the obliques and those lower abs.
  7. Shoulder Specialization will add width and roundness to your delts to top off your Adonis Lifestyle in no uncertain terms.

Ready? In just four weeks your small, flat and out of proportion trouble spots are going to be right up there with your strongest body parts!

Click on the button below to purchase and download the specializations

PS: Please don't blame me if you need to buy a new wardrobe because your old clothes no longer fit your new, balanced body!