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For the first time, our exclusive theory of the Adonis Lifestyle is available as a book exclusively for the Adonis community. It's all here: the Adonis ethos, how to identify your own unique Adonis Lifestyle, why it matters, and how to achieve it. John Barban and the Adonis team have written and edited this 167-page manual so you have a blueprint for the Adonis lifestyle. It's the book we all wish we'd had when we started out! You'll come to understand why the old-school approach of bulk, cut, bulk, cut, actually harms your physique over time and prevents you from ever maintaining a lean, athletic physique with incredible proportions. You'll realise exactly why it's not just about how to put on muscle, but about where you add it to your body. You'll learn about the darkest dirtiest secrets of the muscle building underworld and how you can look way better for life with our nutrition, training and supplementation protocols. We'll help you hone in on your goals and then piece together the precise system which will get you there. So much success will come your way when you live the Adonis lifestyle. It's about much more than fat loss, muscle gain and achieving your ideal body. It's about confidence, attitude, respect, business, relationships, sex and success. But it all starts with the Adonis Lifestyle. Download the book now and get these sweet audio bonuses. Remember, this is the only place you can get the entire Adonis ethos in one place. Grab your book and audio downloads now.


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