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This is the book I wish had been available when I started working out! You guys are lucky - you can go right ahead and purchase it now.

Why are you lucky to have this opportunity?

Simply because it represents the ultimate knowledge resource for the ethos behind the whole Adonis system.

It's the book you need to read before you start your first Adonis training program.

And it's the book you need to read if you're entering a Transformation Contest.

Every guy who is undergone a transformation with us started here, with this very book. Why? Because it's the blueprint of everything the Adonis lifestyle stands for. It's all here: our ethos, the theory behind the way we eat and train and a fundamental explanation of why the Golden Ratio matters.

We named it Ideal Body Proportions because those Golden Ratio numbers underpin everybody's individual Adonis transformation. And those numbers, and the proportions they represent, are what it's all about.

That's what makes the Adonis system so different to other fitness systems, or to following a generic training plan from trainers at the gym.

We know you want the balanced, athletic look of wide shoulders, a tight midsection, and great legs (yes even legs, no one once a perfect V-taper with chicken or skinny legs). It's not about being huge. It's about being the right size and shape for you.

Your Ideal Body Proportions.

I'm John Barban and I'm proud to introduce this incredible e-book which I contributed to and then edited. It was over 3 years in the making and the entire Adonis team helped write this book, which means you really do get a complete, 360* look at what it means to live the Adonis lifestyle. With so many expert contributors, this is a truly in-depth, detailed resource. We're happy to put this out here right now, because we know there's nothing we could add. This is it, guys. The ultimate introduction to the Adonis Ideal Body Proportions.

We’ve also added some success stories and contest interviews to help you with motivation at the beginning, so go ahead and delve inside this e-book and discover the training protocols, nutrition systems and supplements which will absolutely sky-rocket your efforts.

We're going to look at how the Adonis Complex started and the psychology which keeps the desire for athletic proportions rooted deep within us. (We'll then take a look at the fitness industry, the supplement industry and even the subculture of traditional bodybuilding to illustrate how male athleticism lost its way over the years!) It's then time to bring things back on track with the Adonis way of doing things.

Here's where we start looking at the Golden Ratio and exactly why these magic numbers represent the perfect male proportions. We'll talk about variations in size, lean mass and height so you can understand where you fit in to it all.

The book then shows you how to calculate your own Ideal Body Proportions (this is something you'll come back to time and again throughout your Adonis transformation).

Of course we then go on to focus heavily on how to achieve your own Adonis Index and put everything together to close in on the look which you've wanted for so long.

There's a bonus chapter too: on first impressions and the "halo effect", but I'm going to let you find out more about that by reading the book. It's pretty powerful stuff!

Look, this is not the sort of stuff they tell you at the gym, on Personal Training courses or even at college when you study fitness and sports science.

It's real life stuff, the stuff we know works for guys like you who want the Adonis shape.

Everything starts with your Ideal Body Proportions: understand why those numbers are so important, and success will flow from there.

Click on the button below to get a copy of the Ideal Body Proportions

… and be one of the few guys who have this awesome information at their fingertips.

PS: I forgot to mention that you are going to get an audio bonus, just for downloading the e-book - get the book to find out what it is!