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Are you ready to run the gauntlet to reach the ultimate heights of athletic conditioning and lean muscular proportion?

Adonis Gauntlet is a 12-week advanced muscular conditioning program designed for guys who are preparing for a photoshoot or physique contest. It's our most intense, exciting and challenging 12-week program. It's not for everyone. But if you're ready to commit to advanced conditioning techniques and strength training, and you can keep your goal in sight for this 12-week challenge, we welcome you on board.

Gauntlet is for you if:

  • you already live the Adonis lifestyle
  • you have eliminated excuses and distractions
  • you need a 12-week blueprint to bring you in for a photoshoot or contest
We'll use giant sets, supersets, waves and other really advanced conditioning systems in Gauntlet. John Barban will guide you right through every workout, exercise and set.

  • Weeks 1-2 are physique conditioning
  • Weeks 3-4 focus on giant wave sets
  • Weeks 5-6 utilize mini-X sets
  • Weeks 7-8 bring in phase sets
  • Weeks 9-10 push on with power giant sets
  • Weeks 11-12 finish off with touch up sets and your peak week
We've laid down the gauntlet. Are you game? Download Adonis Gauntlet now and start this intense 12-week experience.

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