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Hey guys, John Barban here. I want to introduce you to a really special program we put together for you guys preparing for photoshoots, contests or some other short term physique goal.

You ready?

It's called Gauntlet.

Pretty cool, huh. First let me tell you why we decided to call it Gauntlet. Running the gauntlet usually refers to pushing on through a crowd or a challenging situation to get to a final, personal goal. To run the gauntlet you need to laser-beam focus. You need complete and certain dedication to a cause. It's no surprise that Knights and Warriors used to be the guys running the gauntlet. Not regular guys, not the ones who followed the crowd and wanted an easy life.

Are you ready to run the Adonis Gauntlet to chase down your ultimate goal?

If you're ready, then this program will give you everything you need to get there.

I worked with my good buddy, our contest winner and fitness model Allen Elliott on this program. I like to bring in specialists to help me put together niche programs like this. Not only does it help me cover all bases, but the planning conversations lead to some pretty awesome ideas. We came up with some really challenging stuff here, in fact we debated taking some of it out, but on reflection we thought Adonis guys at your level would be up to it.

And all the contest winners who followed this program proved us right!

Gauntlet is the program for guys who have 12 weeks to get into peak athletic conditioning and muscular shape for a transformation contest, physique competition or photoshoot (professional or amateur). It's not for everyone. It's intense, challenging and designed to bring about over-reaching so your body has no choice but to respond.

Do you meet the Gauntlet requirements?

Do you already live the Adonis lifestyle?

Are you in a great routine of eating and training for fat loss and muscle maintenance?

Have you found ways to eliminate excuses, distractions and poor habits?

Are you getting ready for a photoshoot, transformation contest or competition? It can be a professional national or local competition, online contest (like the one we have) or simply your girlfriend taking progress pictures and you want to look great (and have cover model quality pictures).

If that's you, then welcome to Gauntlet. Commit to it for the 12 weeks and I promise you'll be astounded by the results. This program gets guys in shape, no question. It gets them in cover model, photoshoot, physique contest, transformation winning shape.

Can Gauntlet work for you if time is tight?

We've had guys ask if Gauntlet will still deliver awesome results if you find it a little late. If you haven't got the full 12 weeks before your photoshoot or event. Sure, it will work. You can jump in at any stage up for week 7. Just be prepared for a shock to the system as your mind and body wake up to what you've committed to!

Gauntlet delivers. But it's not going to be easy.

Are you ready to discover the kind of advanced muscle building and conditioning protocols I've been waiting to share with you? You're going to discover how to use giant sets, waves, supersets and other cutting-edge training systems. I'll talk you through the exact exercises, rep ranges and set schemes. I promise that nothing's been left to chance and you won't need to second guess a thing.

Why is Gauntlet set over 12 weeks?

12 weeks is the perfect amount of time for this kind of high-end workout system. Call it prep, leaning out or dialing in - it all comes down to the same things. Attention to detail, consistent hard work, expert guidance and no stone left unturned.

Here's how the 12 weeks of Gauntlet are going to go down:

  • Weeks 1-2 are for basic but effective physique conditioning to start dialing things in (you'll see incredible results in this first fortnight)
  • Weeks 3-4 focus on giant wave sets (just one of the new ways of training you'll get cosy with during Gauntlet!)
  • Weeks 5-6 utilize mini-X sets (switching things up to prevent that mid-program plateau which so many systems suffer from)
  • Weeks 7-8 bring in phase sets and tri-phase sets (you'll see why I chose to put these here when you do them!)
  • Weeks 9-10 push on with power giant sets (an awesome way to keep muscles full right through to the end of your program)
  • Weeks 11-12 finish off with touch up sets and your peak week (I'll talk you through all the details of peaking and preparing for the day of your contest or shoot)

Are you ready to push through the crowd and run the Gauntlet to achieve your ultimate goal?

Download Adonis Gauntlet today and start the countdown to your target. You already know there are no shortcuts to success. I've designed Gauntlet to cover every single detail of training, nutrition, recovery and peaking. I'm confident it will bring you in looking your best ever. On question remains: are you ready to commit?

Click on the button below to buy the Gauntlet and start preparing for your best photoshoot yet

PS: Don't forget you can jump in to Gauntlet at any stage up to the 7 week mark, you'll still get awesome results (5 weeks is enough time to make immense changes if you're using a program like this!)