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IXP is our next-generation workout program for Adonis guys who have completed Final Phase and aren't ready to stop just yet.

As part of our Legacy Systems workouts, IXP gives you the opportunity to carry on the momentum you've built during Final Phase but gives you the opportunity to choose how you progress with specialist advanced training protocols.

IXP is named after the way the program is structured around three cycles. Here's what you'll get and why it's for you.

  • Cycle 1: Intermittent super sets
  • Cycle 2: X-sets
  • Cycle 3: Progressive tri-pyramids
Each cycle uses different techniques to build muscular hypertrophy, strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. The cycles end with an over-reaching peak week which utilizes Fibonacci pyramids to challenge your body in a new way and to get it prepared for the start of the new phase. Through each cycle, we'll give you exact exercises, set schemes, rep ranges and rest periods.

IXP is John Barban at his best, designing a program which uses the latest, best researched and most effective advanced training principles for athletic muscle gain and fat burning.

Download IXP now to start Cycle 1 of this advanced training system.

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