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Hi guys, John Barban reporting in, ready to introduce to you Adonis Index's IXP workout. It's one of our Legacy Systems workouts and it's designed for guys who want more!

More of the fat loss, muscle gain, physique shaping, taper building transformation you've already had with Final Phase. More of the confidence, attention, success and second-glances you've had since you started the Adonis way of life. More of that awesomely balanced and proportionate muscle from wide shoulders, thick chest, narrow waist and flaring quads.

Is that you? You want more? IXP is a really smart choice and I'm going to tell you why.

IXP is for you if you want to cash in on the great habits, systems and momentum you built during Final Phase. It's for you if you want to explore new ways of training which will challenge your body and push it to greater levels of muscularity, athleticism and leanness.

I used specific training protocols to make IXP a program which really works for guys who want the Adonis look. It's not going to work for every guy out there, but if you've already done Final Phase and loved what it did for you, you're going to understand exactly what I've given you here with IXP.

Like all of the Adonis training programs, I've given you the precise exercises, rep ranges, sets and even rest periods to follow. Nothing is left to chance. It's the closest you're going to get to training with me (and if you're an Immersion member, you can connect with me on the Coaching Calls!)

IXP is a 12-week program, named after the way it's structured: 3 cycles, each of which builds on the work you've already done to challenge your body and also prepare it for the specific demands of the next phase.

It's pretty clever stuff and your body will respond awesomely. You won’t see anyone else training with such a sophisticated system like this one. Take a look…

Cycle 1

  • Weeks 1-3: Intermittent Supersets
  • Week 4: Fibonacci Pyramid

Cycle 2

  • Weeks 5-7: X-Sets
  • Week 8: Fibonacci Pyramid

Cycle 3

  • Weeks 9-11: Progressive Tri-Pyramids
  • Week 12: Fibonacci Pyramid

See how each cycle is progressive but has a recognizable pattern to it? Using this advanced technique, we're able to introduce lots of new ideas in a short period of time, without needing downtime and deloads. We can keep pushing through, and getting results, because of the cyclical style of the program.

Every cycle of IXP uses a different main training protocol, but all of them will improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance and muscular hypertrophy to optimize your Adonis Lifestyle shape. The aim here is your best ever shoulder to waist radio with leanness and athleticism.

As the weeks go on, you'll add a workout (3 workouts on the first week of each cycle, 4 workouts on the second weeks, and 5 workouts on the third weeks) before using the Fibonacci Pyramid to overreach and force adaptation. During this week, your body and mind will both get a break as the work is so different to what you'll have been doing.

You'll see exactly how it works when you open the program!

So, are you ready? I'm excited for you to discover IXP. It's a really smart way of training for the ultimate results. I wish they taught this kind of training style to personal trainers and gym managers!

But hey at least YOU guys CAN GET ACCESS to it. Buy and download IXP now and get started with advanced strategies which build on everything you've learned with us so far.

Click on the button below to download the IXP Workout System

PS: (IMPORTANT MESSAGE IF YOU ARE CONFUSED) Don’t worry if you're not familiar with the training protocols - I'll explain it all in the manual so you know how hard to work and why your body will respond.