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Our Legs Booster is one of six Booster workouts designed to fine-tune small, weak or lagging body parts.

A strong, well-developed pair of legs totally sorts the men from the boys. Muscular legs show that you train hard and that you're smart enough to pay attention to the whole package rather than just training the upper body like so many amateurs at the gym.

But you can always do more.

How about an incredible quad sweep, a detailed vastus medialus, a little more thickness to your hamstrings?

You'll build all that and more with this incredible Leg Booster muscle building workout system. It's been specifically designed to hit all areas of the legs in the perfect combination of exercises, rep ranges, supersets and dropsets to force your legs to respond without burning hard-earned muscle.

Get your own incredible set of "wheels". Download the Adonis Legs Booster now and prepare to work hard for four weeks as you build the kind of legs all the guys will envy.

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